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The effects of grounding and using a PMF mat on blood cells and overall well-being.

Establishing a simple morning routine, including tasks like waking up with the sun and grounding by touching the Earth's surface, can greatly improve overall well-being and contribute to personal growth. Additionally, consuming hydrogen water has proven benefits for nutrient absorption and enzyme breakdown, but it's crucial to choose reliable sources and validate claims through self-experimentation and third-party testing.

Grounding or using a PMF mat can improve blood cell separation, waste elimination, and detoxification, leading to enhanced overall well-being and potential life trajectory changes.


Grounding, or making direct contact (barefoot) with the surface of the Earth, can have significant effects on the body's blood cells. When we are grounded, the red blood cells in our bodies separate and cannot touch, allowing for better waste elimination, detoxification, and repair processes. This is because when the surface of the red blood cells have the same charge, they are unable to touch, but they attract when they have opposite charges. However, accessing the Earth's surface may be challenging for many people due to various reasons. In such cases, using a low Gauss PMF mat can have a similar effect to grounding. Ultimately, incorporating practices like grounding or using a PMF mat, along with other habits like sunlight exposure, breath work, and cold showers, can greatly improve our overall well-being and potentially change the trajectory of our lives.

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