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Born and raised in New York, and fond of the opportunities this area has provided. I have always been a high-energy person; enjoying all outdoor sports, weight-training, and martial arts. To truly enjoy these activities, I found it important to maintain a healthy balance in a life consisting of keeping stress levels at a low, good sleep, good hydration, surrounding myself with people who radiate positive energy and good nutrition. The loss of my mother in 1994 to cancer further encouraged me to emphasize these facets of my life.

As we men age we find that our bodies experience changes that seem beyond our control: hair loss, decrease in muscle mass, increase in adipose tissue (fat), especially around the mid-section, decrease in libido, and sometimes just a "blah" feeling; loss of energy.  I KNOW - this too I experienced.

However, I found some of these signs of aging can be controlled.  Through proper exercise, good, sound nutrition, and discipline towards how one deals with stress, you can live a more happy, productive life.  Again, being a man who was experiencing the physical changes one does experience between the ages of let's say 30-60, typical child-raising, family years, I sought nutritional products and exercises routines that would benefit my aging body. is my newest creation, and was inspired by the "dad bod" I developed over the years while growing older gracefully, as a proud "Dad." I look forward to building new relationships, while gratefully continuing with the older ones.  I'm anxious, and privileged, to be able to share with you some of the products that have worked best for me, as well as my blog, where I share exercise routines and sound nutritional advice.


I look forward to being contacted through my website(s) and helping YOU to enjoy a more blissful, energetic, and gratifying lifestyle.

Yours in Health,




Nate L.

Professional Weight


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