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Ditch the Dad Bod: How your diet can burn stubborn belly fat

A recent website article stated: "Getting leaner demands more from your diet than sustaining long spells of cardio..."

JOE's 'Ditch the Dad Bod' plan provides motivational dietary lessons to live by, along with a meal plan to put into practice. Read more here:

Follow and you will drop a couple of sizes while feeling leaner, healthier and happier.

Ditch the Dad Bod: Example meal plan:

Breakfast Three scrambled eggs One avocado Two slices wholegrain toast

Lunch Homemade chicken marinated in spices 400g green vegetables 30g handful of nuts

Pre-Workout One scoop whey protein

Post-Workout One scoop whey protein Two bananas

Snack 150g cottage cheese

Dinner Smoked salmon fillet 200g basmati rice 200g spinach

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