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Updated: Sep 11

In an industry filled with sketchy, even unsafe products, is proud to feature nothing but premium sexual health supplements. Many products available in our network are doctor endorsed (often by video) and include client testimonials, many with illustrative picture proof of results.

VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX® Delay Spray - a male desensitizer spray that helps guys:

  • Last longer in bed

  • Delay orgasm

  • Prolong sexual pleasure

  • Give multiple orgasms to women

  • Make sex AMAZING

It's pretty simple. They spray on VigRX® Delay Spray and rub it into their penile tissue. The product is formulated with a mild anesthetic, called benzocaine, which makes the penis less sensitive to stimuli.

Basically, it tells the nerves to relax and enjoy the ride. Guys last longer as a result - sometimes north of 20 minutes and they prolong their pleasure.

Stack on Pounds of Lean, Hard Muscle at Any Age

Even if you’re on the world’s strictest diet and rigorously train every day, muscle gains slow down with age.

But not for men supplementing with TestRX.

TestRX is formulated to encourage your body to produce more testosterone.

So when your testosterone stops decreasing and starts increasing…

You’ll Have MORE Energy, MORE Stamina and MORE Strength at the Gym

That’s because TestRX is formulated with ZMA.

ZMA is a combination of Zinc (monomethionine and aspartate), magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. Each of these ingredients is critical for protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth.

A study at Western Washington University gave NCAA college football players ZMA for eight weeks during their spring training program.

The results?

After just eight weeks, the athletes who got ZMA saw a 30% increase in testosterone.

But that’s not all.

Because only half of the football players received ZMA, the other half got a placebo.

What were their results?

The players taking a placebo saw their testosterone drop by 10%.

If younger top-performing college athletes saw a drop in their testosterone after an eight-week training program, how would this affect someone over the age of 40?

That’s why it’s critical to supplement with TestRX if you want to look your best, feel your best and…

Pack on Lean Pounds of Muscle Mass


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