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How to Push Past Your Peak Performance

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

How To Push Past Your Peak Physical Performance Using the “3 Rs Method”


How strong are you, really?

When we watched Jessica Ennis-Hill in Rio 2016, we witness the performance of a highly-tuned heptathlete – at the very top of her game.

Her training program is the gold-standard. 

For people like me and you — juggling ‘everyday lives’ with gym time — training to her level is near impossible.

But there are better ways to train available to us. And better ways to approach training. If you want to carve out lean muscles all over your body, develop your fitness, and actually get stronger – then what I’m about to share in this post is for you...

If you’re new to working out or returning from a long time off, then this piece is probably not the best place to start. There are definitely things you can take away from here, but the ‘3 Rs Method’ is best adopted by strength exercisers, who are already 6 to 8 months into their training, want to discover their peak performance, and push past it.

“It all starts in the bedroom.”

Rest: Why We Should Get More Sleep (and how to get it)

A quick question for you:

Do you ever force yourself to stay up late, just because night-time seems to be the only gap in your day that you get to yourself?

If you answered ‘yes’ – welcome to the club. 

Adulthood is stuffed with work, responsibilities, chores … and traffic. When the stars come out and the house is quiet, you finally have the opportunity to catch up on Game of Thrones, spend some money online, read a book, play your PlayStation, or just share some time with a loved one.

You can breathe.

But every hour you spend awake here is owed back to your body the following day. 

And your body is relentless in chasing that debt. 

Some of us are up late for other reasons, like looking after a teething baby, working irregular shifts, or even two jobs.

This is the 21st century, first-world life.

Just know that if we all slept right, the snooze button wouldn’t exist and we’d avoid the following dangers:

11 Risks of Sleeplessness

  1. Poorer short term memory

  2. Poorer long term memory

  3. Heightened chance of depression

  4. Heightened chance of viewing relationships negatively

  5. Poorer handling of stress 

  6. Weaker immune system

  7. Hindered athletic performance

  8. Poorer metabolism 

  9. Poorer coordination

  10. Greater loss of lean muscle mass

  11. Reduced ability to gain lean muscle mass

When you list the risks like this, it’s nightmarish stuff – and I haven’t even thrown the science in there. 

So, to lighten the mood, let’s take a look at some benefits of healthy sleep:

11 Benefits of Healthy Sleep

  1. Better memory capability

  2. Enhanced ability to solve problems

  3. Improved creativity

  4. A more positive outlook on relationships and the world

  5. Better tolerance of stress

  6. Stronger immune system

  7. Enhancements in athletic performance

  8. Healthier appetite

  9. Heightened awareness and coordination

  10. Greater levels of energy

  11. Enhanced level of cell regeneration for building more lean muscle

How to Get More Sleep

It’s easy for me to sit here and say things like ‘cut down on your TV-watching time’. 

So, I’m not going to pedal that advice.